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Spring Kitchen Refresh

Hello! Today’s post is all about what I did to refresh my kitchen for spring! I spent the morning after I got back from church cleaning the kitchen and reorganizing some of my cupboards. I also got a few new items to help me organize and brighten up the kitchen.

The first thing I did was take everything off of the counters and deep clean. They weren’t too bad, but I hadn’t done a good scrub in a couple of weeks, so it was definitely needed.

After I cleaned the counters, I filled my new soap dispenser that I got from the little dollar section at Target with my dish soap. I think it looks a lot better than having my big jug on the side of the sink.

I then got out my new Lazy Susan and put some of my most used spices on it. I think it looks a lot better than having them in the box that they were in! And they’ll be easier to reach for when I’m cooking.

I love having decorative towels throughout the kitchen, I think it’s an easy way to decorate and there is never a shortage of cute towels in the shops! I have two sets currently in my kitchen, a ‘Hello Spring’ set that I looped through the handle on my oven, and a Caticorn (cat/unicorn) set I put over my cabinet doors.

My current color scheme in the kitchen is blue, but I’m slowly going to be bringing some yellows in to brighten up and offset all of the blue. I got the majority of the items that are displayed on my counters from Ross and Target. Those are my go-to stores for homeware and decor. The fake flowers in the blue jug are actually from the Dollar Store! I love getting fake flowers there, I have vases full of them all throughout my house.

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I hope you enjoyed getting a look into my kitchen! What are some of the things on your spring clean to-do list?

xx, Brittaney.

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Brittaney Penney

A twenty-something music + portrait photographer and lifestyle blogger for The December Edit. Lover of peppermint tea, mocha frappuccinos, Christmas lights, a good book, and blasting One Direction on road trips.


  1. Love your kitchen refresh! I think it’s always great to spruce up everything. I know I would like to do a kitchen refresh this spring. My kitchen is really small so some organization could really do wonders for me!

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

    1. Thank you!! Even though I didn’t do much, it feels like a new kitchen. That’s what I love about decor and organizing. 🙂

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