An interview with Jacqueline City, creator of Jacqueline City Apparel.

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to The December Edit! Something I want to incorporate more onto this website is features and interviews with smaller brands and creators. Today, I am pleased to focus our attention on rising fashion designer and creator of Jacqueline City Apparel, Jacqueline City.

Jacqueline City Apparel Manic Pixie Dream Girl Collection – Photographer: Kait Strenger Photography

Introduce yourself and your brand, Jacqueline City Apparel.

Hello, I’m Jacqueline City, creator of the new brand Jacqueline City Apparel. My company’s goal is to provide cohesive, curated fashion collections. With our permanent collection, “The Classic Collection,” showcasing unisex pieces up to a size 5X, having style on any budget and for any sex, size or age has never been easier. “The Classic Collection” goes live on February 15th. Jacqueline City Apparel will also be home to ever-changing feminine collections which will be curated with specific themes, releasing every 2 months. These women’s boutique collections are very different than most; they combine many different art mediums all done by the hands of me, Jacqueline City. My clothes are customized with paints, graphic design, trims, jewels and pearls, then sewed to be truly unique works of art that play off each other and tell a story within their own collections. Jacqueline City Apparel’s first women’s collection, “The Manic Pixie Collection,” will drop on March 1st, just in time for Spring!

Why did you decide to create this brand?

I have been an artist my entire life moving from finger paints to acrylic paints, writing poems to writing songs, sewing dolls clothes to halloween costumes. I had to put my art on hold for awhile while I focused on my health: a disability called dysautonomia that impacted every aspect of my life. Now that I am stable enough to focus on my passion, art, I am ready to take on this new adventure in my brand Jacqueline City Apparel. Even in second grade, I went to career day as a fashion designer so I’m excited to see this dream come to light and finally make it a reality. Through Jacqueline City Apparel, I want to show everyone that your style and the way you dress is a form of self expression. Fashion should not be hard or intimidating; it should be a fun and easy way to express your creativity.

Jacqueline City Apparel Classic Collection – Photographer: Veronica Takes Photos

What made you decide to use your own name for your brand?

The name for my brand, Jacqueline City Apparel, came because I want my brand to really represent me. I want people to be able to communicate directly with me. This is my art and I am expressing myself; therefore, I think it’s important for people to hear my story directly from me. I do not want people to see a faceless brand full of meaningless items; I want people to see a real woman telling real stories through art and fashion. Jacqueline City Apparel is personal to me. I am very invested in the brand and do all the work myself. My hope is for Jacqueline City Apparel to inspire others to find their own style and express themselves unapologetically.

Explain the collections. Will the classic collection be available all of the time?

The name for “The Classic Collection” comes from the fact that they are very classic, wearable pieces for anyone: any age, sex or size. This is our permanent collection so we hope these will be Jacqueline City Apparel “classics” as they are wearable throughout all seasons. We plan to expand on the collection in the coming months. “The Classic Collection” is full of comfortable and very easily matched items, making the perfect outfit just that much easier!

“The Manic Pixie Collection” is inspired by the idea of the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” MPDG is a term used to refer to a stock character in film. Manic pixie dream girls are supposed to be bubbly, complicated girls who lead men on to discover life’s infinite adventures. The MPDG term is used negatively as if these women exist only to aid men and their quests; however, I choose to see these pixies in a positive light. I think manic pixie dream girls are complicated just like real women are. Some famous manic pixie dream girl characters would be Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast At Tiffanys,” Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane in “Some Like It Hot,” and more recently Zooey Deschanel as Summer in “500 Days of Summer.” I see these characters as mysterious women, full of charisma and childlike wonder that should be celebrated. My fascination with the manic pixie dream girl sparked the theme of the Manic Pixie Collection, a celebration of these fiercely independent women.

Jacqueline City Apparel Manic Pixie Dream Girl Collection – Photographer: Veronica Takes Photos

Is there a time frame on when future collections will stop being sold?

Jacqueline City Apparel hopes to keep all of the women’s collections, starting with the Manic Pixie Collection, up for at least 2 months each or until they completely sell out. We will do our best to restock and add new items over those 2 months, but we stress that the women’s collections are temporary collections that will change with the seasons – unlike The Classic Collection which is permanent.

Why was it important for you to create a 100% vegan brand?

I, Jacqueline City, am vegan so I do not purchase any animal products. I sometimes have a difficult time trying to read labels and descriptions to see if animal products like silk, wool, or leather sneak their way into products. Therefore, I want to do that work for my customers and assure them no animals were hurt in the process of Jacqueline City Apparel.

Jacqueline City Apparel Classic Collection – Photographer: Veronica Takes Photos

How important to you was it to offer both unisex/plus sizes in your clothing?

I think a lot of fashion brands focus on one ideal beauty type: the very thin, tall, size 0-2 woman. For Jacqueline City Apparel, it is my focus to go against this horrible beauty standard. Fashion is for anyone and everyone. You can have style no matter your race, age, size, or gender. The Classic Collection is for everyone and its idea is very important to me. There are no rules to beauty or fashion; they are about self expression. I want everyone to feel like they can be a citizen of Jacqueline City.

Where did you get the inspiration to create the ‘Manic Pixie’ Collection?

The inspiration behind the Manic Pixie collection is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I think they are very mysterious woman who you can not quite tie down. Each item in the Manic Pixie Collection is named for a manic pixie dream girl character. I wanted our first women’s collection to be very feminine, unique, and very true to my own personal style. The colors are all black, white, and light pink so everything can be mixed and matched. I think we captured a very feminine, cohesive collection through Manic Pixie which drops on March 1st.

Jacqueline City Apparel Manic Pixie Dream Girl Collection – Photographer: Kait Strenger Photography

Where do you get your inspiration for JCA’s different collections?

Each collection will be based off a theme rather than current fashion trends. I think style and fashion has no rules. I want people to have these items for years to come and not have to throw them away after one season because it’s not “trendy” anymore. I want people to more so be interested in Jacqueline City Apparel because its unique and expressive. You will have to stay tuned to see the future themes of the collections; however, they will all go well with the coming seasons.

What does it mean to you to be launching this fashion brand, while also dealing with your disability?

Having the opportunity to launch Jacqueline City Apparel means the world to me. A few years ago in 2016 I barely had enough strength to leave my bed most days and to now be making one of my dreams a reality still does not feel real. I have always loved art and fashion so this has been a long time coming, but my health had to be put first. Now I can finally pour my heart and soul into Jacqueline City Apparel. It is difficult to run my own business because I am doing it all on my own and I still am very symptomatic some days. However, having my own business means I can work from home on my good days and take as many breaks as I need which is extremely helpful. I also have a very loving, supportive family that helps me everyday. It does take a lot of extra work to run a business as a disabled person, but it is very rewarding. I believe it showcases my strength and resilience.

Jacqueline City Apparel Manic Pixie Dream Girl Collection – Photographer: Veronica Takes Photos

Where do you see this brand going in the next 5 years?

I hope Jacqueline City Apparel continues to grow and flourish in the next 5 years. I hope my brand is well received and I get a lot of support on this project. My wish is create many more collections, do pop up shops, host events and runway shows, do photo and video shoots and hire more staff in the future.  Being able to express myself creatively means so much to me so I hope people continue to support the Jacqueline City Apparel journey so that it only expands from here.

What can we expect from Jacqueline City Apparel?

Jacqueline City Apparel will be launching the Classic Collection on February 15th, which is our unisex line with plus sized options. Then, JCA will drop the spring Manic Pixie Collection on March 1st. After those collections, Jacqueline City Apparel hopes to host many events and giveaways before releasing our summer collection in May! Stay tuned and sign up for emails at to see what we’ll be up to next!

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I hope you all enjoyed this interview and getting to know more about Jacqueline and her new clothing brand, Jacqueline City Apparel. I, for one, am so excited for the launch of the classic collection this Friday, February 15. Will you be picking up a piece from the first collection?

xx, Brittaney.

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